Your family is different from every other family out there, and as a parent, you know what you want to achieve, and where you want to grow. You just don’t know exactly where to start!

Find more meaning in your life with Adele Fedorak

One-on-One Coaching

Select clients will achieve greater success through a one-on-one coaching program. I will work with you to get clear on where you are now, where you want to go, and work with you to get there. We’ll use your strengths and find strategies that will work for you and your family to bring your family together and live the balanced, happier life you desire.


Live, Virtual Course for Parents of Athletes

I teach a live, virtual course for a small group of people who are very motivated to change their own experience of being the parent of a young athlete. It’s for you if you know that over the span of a few years you are spending hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars, on your children’s sports, and you want to ensure you are the best you can be in your role as a parent. You want to ensure that you are moving through season after season feeling confident, strengthening relationships in your family, and being the type of support that will help your child.

The course is designed for you to discover your own way through the uncharted territory of parenting your children, much like the one-on-one coaching, and yet you also benefit from the experience of learning with others on a different but similar path.

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