Parenting an athlete today requires an unprecedented skill set. Adele Fedorak is a unique and strategic leadership coach who helps parents of athletic children grow and evolve as they navigate the world of competition and team sport. She combines her passion for leadership, sports, parenting, and personal growth to support people to become the parent, and person, they really want to be.


Become better parents.

When great leaders become great parents, we all win.

Adele knows what it means to excel. In her roles as an athlete, a life-long learner, a professional coach, and as a parent, she plays at the top of the game. She played and coached at the University level of sport, has a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology, Leadership training from the world-renowned Royal Roads University, and a coaching certification from The Coaches Training Institute – the Harvard of coaching programs. While Adele has learned from the finest in her field, she credits her children with being her best teachers.

Adele comes from athletic parents herself and appreciates the high value that was placed on sports. She believes they provided a good combination of support and ‘releasing her to the sport’ when she was growing up. You can often hear her bragging about her father, who at 79 years of age is still playing hockey and downhill skiing. While Adele enjoys many sports herself… for example basketball, volleyball, tennis, and skiing to name a few, she finds herself supporting her children and watching them compete in sports she hasn’t played… hockey, ringette, baseball, swimming.

When Adele isn’t coaching parents to greatness, writing, or leading workshops, you can find her relaxing with her family, watching hockey or ringette in small town Alberta, listening to podcasts, or enjoying a glass of wine in the hot tub.



We are all leaders. It might be in a formal leadership role at work, coaching a youth sports team, taking a leadership role in our community, for our families, or simply leading ourselves. Each role we assume provides its own challenges and triumphs.

I believe that the next generation, our children’s generation, will require a skill set that we can’t yet imagine, but that the foundation of what they will need can be found in what we call leadership skills. We know they will need to be resilient, agile, innovative, compassionate, and emotionally intelligent. They will need to have the ability to effectively manage their emotions, shift perspective, use reflection, take action, be accountable, and the list goes on. And I believe that one of the absolute best learning grounds, for parent and child alike, is athletic competition.

Favorite quote: “Our children are our elders from another universe.”


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